FIERE DI PARMA S.p.A., needs to check in real time and using specific equipment (wrist thermometer) the body temperature of people before they enter the exhibition area. This measure is necessary to comply with the provisions in force aimed at preventing the spread of COVID 19 and to comply with the provisions of article 1, first paragraph, no.9 of Italian Prime Minister Decree of 26.04.2020.

Data may be used also for defensive purposes. The legal basis for processing is protection and safety with regards to the implementation of safety protocols and infection prevention measures established by art. 1, first paragraph, no. 7, lett. d) of Italian Prime Minister Decree 11 March 2020.

The real time body temperature detection is necessary to enter the exhibition area and denial will prevent access to the premises. Furthermore, before entering, the presence of masks and their correct placement will be checked by means of automated equipment. No personal data (including images) shall be recorded.

Categories of processed data:
The people authorised to measure the body temperature shall not record any data detected. Should a body temperature above 37.5° be detected, visitors shall be taken to a specific medical centre and will receive specific instructions.

Persons concerned: Only the staff authorised to measure body temperature may temporarily see the detected value.

Retention: No data upon entrance, and thus upon the first temperature detection, shall be recorded and thus retained.

Safety measures applied to the processing and retention of staff data: To process the data collected pursuant to this information, the Data Controller has implemented appropriate technical and organisational safety measures aimed at ensuring maximum confidentiality with regards to data on the health of staff.