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Siesta bio is the first e-commerce of organic products, founded by farmers, which delivers the shopping to the office after work or at home. This startup brings together its own supply-chain of organic farmers online where the products are on sale. The goal is to give to the farmers more profit margins and to spread the value of organic cultivation to the community and to the conventional farmers. Siestabio has developed its own platform for employee benefits. Member companies can receive employee discounts, can activate an online welfare credit or purchase gift cards.


Palatò was born from the friendship of Marc (the chef) and Omar (the manager) and from their dream of proposing a new concept of delivery. Through the partnership with a “ghost” kitchen on the outskirts of Milan, we have created a new concept of delivery premium: best chefs recipes, dishes already cooked and vacuum packed that are shipped in an emotional box, with a duration of 4 days. After an initial fundraising, the startup is now in the seed phase with an ambitious plan of positioning and growth. Within the foodtech sector of Crédit Agricole’s Le Village accelerator, we create partnerships and open innovation projects with SMB and large businesses.