My Business Cibus

Within the Innovation area there will be a space dedicated to My Business Cibus. My Business Cibus is a web platform for food buyers from all over the world that allows to search for Italian food products and get producers and buyers in touch.

My Business Cibus is aimed at national and international food buyers who have developed relationships with Cibus through the years and at all the companies that wish to make their own product catalogues globally available.

My Business Cibus includes all the Cibus world buyers in its catalogue, arranged by typology, geographical area and purchasing characteristics. These characteristics make the most effective platform currently available for reaching the international markets.

To date, it lists over 10,000 registered buyers and 115,000 catalogue products, in addition to a virtual area dedicated to new products, where the companies can upload their product innovations.


How does it work?

The buyers can search for any product using keywords or by selecting a category, at any time and from any part of the world. Once the search is completed, buyers can send a request to one or more companies, making this a strategic tool for innovative business matching.

In order to keep pace with the times and always be ready to welcome generational changes as an opportunity for growth, Fiere di Parma has purchased the digital company Aicod, and together with them has developed My Business Cibus, the virtual showcase for Made in Italy products that is always just a click away.

DESK My Business Cibus

Within the Innovation area you will find a special desk where our team is always available to explain the potential of the system and let you know how to enter your products successfully and get great visibility: come and visit us!